" New plant varieties as intellectual property "

Author: Rumyana Dobreva and Ivan Ivanov

ISBN: 954-91473-3-9

Edition: Sofia, 2004

Publisher: Publishing house IP Bulgaria

Pages: 223

Price: 15 BGN

The book "New plant varieties as intellectual property" is issued in the right moment with a view of the lack of topical literature and information in Bulgaria, regarding the opportunities provided by the protection of the new plant varieties, both on the territory of our country and worldwide. Authors of the study are att. Rumyana Dobreva – first licensed intellectual property representative for new plant varieties and animal breeds in Bulgaria, with rich experience in the field of the new plant varieties as an object of intellectual property and eng. Ivan Ivanov – patent specialist and industrial property representative, with marked scientific interests in the field of theory and practice of protection of new plant varieties, author of the books 'Characteristics of medicine patenting' and 'Patent analyses’, as well as of series of publications in periodicals at home and abroad. The book is a kind of a manual, revealing the requirements to be met by the new plant variety, in order to receive legal protection. The procedure of receiving legal protection is described in details – the steps before the Patent Office and the examinations of the claimed variety before the Executive Agency Plant Variety Testing, Approbation and Seed Control. The study is of interest not only to the specialists in the field of plant-growing, but also to a wider audience of readers, who find the practical aspects of the problem for very important.

Sofia, September, 2004

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Plamen Mollov