New deadline for submission of applications for Charlemagne Youth Prize

The European Charlemagne Youth Prize targets young people aged between 16 and 30 who have been involved with projects helping to promote understanding between peoples of different European countries. Winners will receive funding of €2,000, 3,000 and €5,000 for the three best projects. The new deadline for applications is 14 February 2010.

Sourse: EP Information Office in Bulgaria:

Domains that are written in Cyrillic

From the end of last year it is possible the registration of domain names which are written in Cyrillic. With respect to domain names in the .bg zone and the sub-zones,the requirement of „Register.BG” Ltd is Internet name to be written only in Cyrillic and to contain at least one letter, which can be visually distinguished from the Latin alphabet.


Bulgarian film "Eastern plays" is in the official selection for EP 2009 LUX Film Prize

The Bulgarian film "Eastern plays, directed by Kamen Kalev is one of the ten European films in the official selection for European Parliament 2009 LUX Film Prize. The LUX Prize was established in 2007 as a representation of the support by the European Parliament for the European film industry and its many creative endeavours.

The official selection of the top ten was made by a 17-member jury including Bulgarian, Mira Staleva, from Sofia Film Fest and other renown producers, distributers, festival directors and film critics. The films have been selected because of their quality and their contribution to the European public debate, highlighting topics such as solidarity, immigration, justice, public freedom or fundamental rights.

The ten films are: 35 RHUMS, director Claire Denis (France, Germany); ANDER, director Roberto Castón (Spain); EASTERN PLAYS, director Камен Калев (Bulgaria, Sweden); FÜR EIN AUGENBLICK FREIHEIT, director: Arash T. Riahi (Austria, Fance); KATALIN VARGA, director Peter Strickland (Romania, UK, Hungary); LOST PERSONS AREA, director Caroline Strubbe (Belgium, Hungary, the Netherlands, Germany, France); NORTH, director Rune Denstad Langlo (Norway); PANDORA’S BOX, director Yesim Ustaoglu (Turkey, France, Germany, Belgium); STURM, director Hans-Christian Schmid (Germany, Denmark, The Netherlands); WELCOME, director Philippe Lioret (France).

Ten films are in the official selection, but only three will compete for the LUX Prize 2009. They will be disclosed during the Venice International Film Festival in September. A vote will be cast by the 736 Members of the European Parliament to elect the winner, which will then be awarded the LUX Prize 2009 at the European Parliament on November 25 in Strasbourg.

The LUX Prize will finance the subtitling and the kinescope recording of the winning film in the 23 official European languages.